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Education Services Course Catalog

Blue Yonder Education Services

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A variety of delivery options, such as face-to face, virtual classroom, and self-paced, ensures that your organization can minimize training time and associated cost, while you maximize value to your business. Whether you select the personal nature of instructor-led training, the efficiency and flexibility of self-paced, web-based e-learning, or a combined approach that blends the best of both methods, Blue Yonder Education Services has education and training alternatives that will fit your specific needs.

The most available Blue Yonder solution training content anywhere. For Blue Yonder software solution customers who need broadly encompassing training, Education Services provides enterprise access to the widest on-demand resources to ensure an educated workforce.

  • Same Expertise. A Fresh New Name.

    Learning as a Service

    Blue Yonder Education Services is now offering a Learning-as-a Service (LaaS Subscription to provide our customers ongoing learning and training for their products and solutions.

    Luminate Control Tower Subscription

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